The Journal That Will Help You 
Conquer Deployment

Deployment sucks; but you can conquer it AND your goals!
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    Organize Your Thoughts. Writing prompts will help you organize thoughts, and process all the crazy emotions of deployment
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    Digital Product.  This product is printable which means you can buy it once and use it over and over, customizing it for each deployment 
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    Don't pour from an empty cup. Take care of YOU by tracking your healthy habits 
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    Meet your goals. Track your goals to completion and set up your future by finally rocking your budget and your savings 

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You are Deployment Strong! You can DO this!

Find your independence and strength

I really doubted whether or not I was strong enough to give birth, and raise a newborn without my spouse. I welcomed my son into the world while my husband was at BMT. The moment I got my husbands address I started writing him everyday. I couldn't believe how much better I felt just by writing each day. I discovered that getting my thoughts on paper helped me emotionally and it actually started giving me motivation to conquer being a new mom and also keeping up on my other goals. It eased the ache of missing my husband just a little (because that never fully goes away until homecoming!) My goal with this deployment journal is to help others in the same way.

Step one: Write. Step two: Conquer.


This printable product is a digital download that is available instantly after purchase! Print and bind the journal on your own or have it printed at Staples or Office Max (as shown in photo). The design is perfectly sized for the 5.5x8.5 Booklets! Video tutorials available for both options!


This beautifully designed journal includes up to 12 months. You can save the file to your computer and use it over and over for any deployment up to 12 months. (Just delete any months you don't need prior to printing!)


Each month includes writing prompts, a place to put your countdown picture, a habit trackers, goal meters, and a budgeting section to help you organize not only your thoughts and emotions but also your budget and finances!


Upon purchase you will also get video tutorials to help you getting your product printed OR printing and binding it yourself. Getting the product printed in full color is less than $10 through Office Max but I will also show you how you can print it yourself for free!


What People Are Saying




LOVE IT! It's so pretty! I can't wait to use it when my husband goes on his deployment later this year. We are having a baby so I think this will be so much fun to put together! Thank you!



This is so great! I turned mine into a scrapbook and it came out so nice. I love the writing prompts, it really gave me a creative outlet and helped so much!

Remember your time apart. Cherish your time together.


Is this a product that will be mailed to me?

Nope! This is digital product that will be available to download as soon as you buy it! You can print it off at home, make a scrapbook, bind it yourself, or upload it to Staples or Office Max and print it out as a booklet. Get as creative as you want and really have fun with it! Remember to save it to your computer and make a copy of the original file before editing it (like deleting pages).

My husband is only gone for 6 months this time, can I still use this journal?

Yes! Print any pages you want! OR if you having it printed by staples or office max, make a copy of the original file and delete any of the pages in the PDF that you don't need. Save it and upload the new (edited) file to the staples or office max. Again, make sure you have the original file so that if you have a longer deployment next time you can still use it!

Is this only for spouses or can it be for girlfriends too?

It's totally for girlfriends too! The writing prompts are non specific so no matter your role, this journal is for you!

Can my kids fill this out with me?

Absolutely! The writing prompts can be taken any way you want it. Including your kids can be an excellent way to help them communicate their feelings during deployments.

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